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Appointment follow up

Results and Investigations

We encourage you to follow up your investigation results, typically through a follow up appointment.

If another appointment is not feasible, you may call us first to check if one is strictly needed: we can sometimes let you know that your results are normal/acceptable without review.

At times your results may not fit in the normal range and require further discussion or action. This will often entail another GP appointment although depending on the nature of your problems a phone discussion with our staff alone may suffice to fine tune your issues through a relayed message from your GP.

We also use a secure SMS recall system to notify you that a result requiring follow-up has arrived (if you do not have mobile access our staff may phone you directly to arrange follow-up).

SMS Reminder System

We now offer secure SMS messaging for your routine reminders (like annual check-ups and blood tests) as well as for test result follow-up. To protect your privacy the SMS will require you to answer identifying questions before you retrieve your message.

If you prefer, we can continue contacting you via a paper-based system rather than by secure SMS although our systems currently do not allow both SMS and paper reminder/result communication.

From time to time our staff may ask you to confirm that your details and contact preferences are up to date to allow us to best communicate with you.

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