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Excellence in General Healthcare

You and your family deserve high-quality, in-depth care within a manageable time-frame at reasonable cost. It is not just about providing you with good physical care. It is important that you have time to gain the reassurance you need and to know that your care is individualised.

The primary care we provide is backed up by a collective range of knowledge and experience across the entire medical landscape, including its psychological aspects.

Both surgeries are well equipped to deal with common acute problems presenting to General Practice without having to attend a hospital emergency department.

Excellence in General Healthcare
Excellence in General Healthcare

Preventative Health

It is important to try and prevent serious illnesses before they occur using a combination of strategies including:

The important healthcare basics

  • Taking a good history, to detect warning symptoms of larger problems before they happen
  • Examining key areas for external tell-tale signs of internal problems, such as blood pressure measurement

Women’s health

  • Cervical and breast cancer screening are priorities in the care of women

Men’s health

  • Prostate cancer screening may be appropriate for some men, particularly with a family history

Bowel cancer

  • Bowel cancer screening may include testing the stool for blood that may not be visible to the naked eye
  • Referral for colonoscopy may be indicated in some cases, particularly if there is blood in the stools, a recent change in bowel habit, or a positive family history

Melanoma/skin cancer checks

  • Drs Richard and Ceri Goodwin are trained in the use of a dermatoscope, a high-magnification skin microscope tool to assist in early skin cancer diagnosis
  • Regular skin cancer checks are recommended for some patients, particularly those assessed as high risk due to their medical history or skin type

Heart/Stroke risks

  • Including regular blood screens for important risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Government-funded health checks

  • Advice regarding the extensive government-funded prevention-based “Health Assessments” available particularly for the vulnerable 45-49 and 75 and over age ranges is provided


  • Vaccinations against preventable and dangerous illnesses from childhood to later in life

Helping you keep up-to-date with your prevention

  • The admin team oversee an SMS or letter-based reminder system to help you keep track of your preventative screening dates

Counselling and Mental Health

Psychological difficulties are increasingly common, including depression, anxiety and situational difficulties. GPs are well trained to assist in these areas with the support of other mental health services and practitioners. Please don’t suffer in silence. There are many options for you to consider including on-site psychology services to assist with your care. Psychology consultations can be significantly part-funded through Medicare via a “Mental Health Care Plan” process arranged by your GP. This can involve either individual or couples counselling.

Family Doctors
Family Doctors

Children’s Health

Routine childhood immunisation is a very important part of primary healthcare and have the full range of childhood vaccines on site, overseen by our highly skilled nursing team.

Chronic Disease Management

Many people have chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. These people may be eligible for a comprehensive “health assessment” and/or formulation of a “care plan” to assist in the structured management of these problems. Some patients may require a so-called 'team care arrangement' to help manage their complex issues, which may include referral to allied health practitioners and/or specialist medical practitioners. Patients who take multiple or complicated medications may be eligible for a “home medication review” by an accredited Clinical Pharmacist.

Travel Medicine

If you are travelling overseas, it is wise to make an appointment with your GP at least a month before your planned departure date to discuss whether any vaccinations or other medical precautions are necessary.

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